Sunday, August 16, 2009


this is the other location i went in bali..
my first time i saw the real vocano..
malaysia dun have ><..
it was awesome and beautiful..
and it was cold there...
i had my lunch there with my family....
very nice...

bali trip....

continue my last post..

had been a long time i din write blog..lazy to write..hehe
these are some bali pictures.

it happen in bali when i visited it this year may.luckily havent get AH1N1 yet..^^
the picture is from a group..i forgot what name adi...
is about a drama which the story said about their god.
then the story goes on...
there has a lion dance..but is not chinese lions dance la..
totally different..
but for me,i like chinese lion dance..more real..sorry to say about that la..^^