Saturday, February 6, 2010


people has many kind of characteristic as we know.
recently i just learn a lesson from some human.
pretending or wanna show off i think is not a good personality.
for me i prefer treat everyone nice n honestly.
yes sometime need to keep in heart.but i prefer sincere.
i dunno why the people not just as simple as they can?
make themselves so complicated.
recently as i wrote.i knew a few friends.they are nice,sincere,comfortable.
friends for me is a person or a group of people who might be be with u for the rest of your life.
sharing the happiness,helping u from difficult,advice u n guide u for the directions....
just treat your friends nice.
sometimes 2 people meet together.maybe have some interesting connection(avatar).
but don't because of other factors wanna try to seduce or pretending or show off...
just treat people sincere or if really have the interested then move on.if not please make it clear not letting the person who wait suffering.i don't think is a very difficult thing to open the gold mouth.
hope everyone,every human,every people will treat each other sincere,honest, and nice.^^

simple people simple life!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

college life life..wat will i say?of coz boring this words owex in my mind.
orientation 2 weeks.i dunno y need so long.dunno wan to talk wat.their sliver too many.wakaka..
1st day to college.parking lot first.gosh..move further somemore.n the van damm small.many ppl waiting for the van.but the van is small.==then the land of parking so 'nice'.we wearing formal but we need to walk on those parking time i take picture u will know.
reach college.nvr change.same block.nothing renovation.haiz.boring college life.==jus for study study n study.library not very useful.but wat to do.
oh for get to say.i m UCTI
of coz every college has their own good n bad.haiz.hope they will improve la..^^..

n i knew new classmates.u can c alot of weird ppl.haha.but still a human that need to be communicate.i knew a group of ppl.okok la.not very weird.but hopefully will survive for this year.haha..prepare for the troubles...

woohoo nite...

woohoo.. a malaysia chinese movie da ri zi.
i watched it with 10 others frens.
very enjoyable nite.
this movie is very interesting,funny n touching.
dunno y le..mayb i easily to get emotion.
i cried for 3 3 scene make me cry..><
not bad least malaysian movie wat.
i went to pavillion waiting late..but all r new frens.i dunno them at all.but they r very i jus knew few of them.the relationship is not bad.haha..hope frenship 4ever.^^
watched 1.40am movie till 3.40am.then we decide to go yam cha mcd.till 5am something go bac home.

hope can hang out with them again.woohoo...^^remember ask me out a..!!^^

the time past

30 November 2009-January 2010

to the person that almost become couple:
in these 3months.we spend a lot of time together.after i break up u r the person who help me from the suffering time.i appreciate it.i wrote everything that we spend together.what we did,what we play.....
the night we went clubbing,ur bday night,the holiday trip.the movie day.the shopping day.everything we spend.i still remember.but is just a past,a memory for us.i cant do anything bcoz we dont have the chance to become couple.just forget it.friend is still ok.hope all the best for us.i will enjoy my life,knewing more frens.mayb relationship still now suitable for me..u nvr know the future wat will happen...good luck.

from the person who care u in past

last blog.....

5 february 2010,

to the one i loved for 1 year 1 month:

i did thinking of u sometimes...when i driving will c whether ur car is r u adi?still working very hard?did u move ur house?found any my replacement?...even u did something bad to me i still hoping u will be ok..i forgive u.i jus let u go..i think i wont meet u again..even we meet i wont say hi to very difficult for us to become fren..wat we had did,spend in one year..happy,sad,angry,disappointed,mad.we pass the exam from the god.but at last u din pass it.u fail the exam that god gave.u left me forever.3 months now adi past....i felt very happy to my life now.i will enjoy my life better without u.n know frens make my life more enjoyable..

from the one who loved u...