Friday, March 25, 2016

2016 story begin

the last time i write this blogis last year feb.
a year past. many things happen.
sweet sour bitter n salty...
this is called life.
i traveled alot... met lot of new friends.
career started to switch...
me, be a better person, getting older...mature....i guess..

for the new thing of my life, love never stop, never give up.
to the person who worth for me to love,
comparison, understanding, fake, cheated...lot of passenger will pass through my life.
it does not have steps like mathematics,
it depend on two different people, how the chemistry made.
recently got one. hopefully it works. i dun wan to play on this game anymore...feeling tired sometimes.
thinking, worrying, arguing, hurting...... far so good so sweet. haha..><

2016, my travel plan
march : ipoh tambun lost world water park
april going bangkok for songkran festival
july : japan tokyo ( first time going)
nov : taiwan business holiday trip.

in last year may, i had being intro by my friend to start up a online business. sound intreresting.
is just when we online purchasing product n services, this website company provided cash rebates as a customers. if registered as enfranchise, the earning part will be more interesting. 
this type of business attracted me to go further till we went to taiwan to get more info about this.
as a franchisee, u can ask ur friend or family or anyone in anywhere using ur link to purchase online proudcts or services, u will earn a little bit of points for that. the points collected can change into cash n bank in to ur account. can see my taiwan friends always use the website purchased online flight ticket n travel accodomation with cheaper prices and can earn back some of the cash. it sound interesting.

but in malaysia will be start up with the end of this month. n yet i havent said out the name of this website.

is called SHOP.COM.

so far working on it to start up this business. this is just a business sharing. money earning nvr end. ppl wont satisfy with enough money, with the other way of earning money, why not giv urself to try. nothing wrong to get more info, but the lost is u when u din giv it a try.haha...

will update soon.

stay tune/